Who knew? Lessons from the last year..

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I have been missing from the blog world for months. The Pandemic came in March of 2020 and I, like many others, moved into survival mode. We all hunkered in for what we thought would be a few weeks. Our naivete about the situation now seems so clear. Looking back it's hard to believe I, a scientist at heart, ever really believed that we would return "back to normal" in just a few weeks. (facepalm)

The Pandemic destroyed the creative juice that flowed from my mind. Consumed with worry and concern, isolating from others, made getting by each day the priority. Now that over eighteen months have gone by, and we're still here, I realize that if I don't build some normalcy in my life, I will continue in this suspended state.

Lots has happened over the last year. Javad, who has struggled to stay healthy before the pandemic, has had eighteen months of gloriously good health. Nothing like everyone in your life wearing masks around you and practically no kisses (sad) to keep one healthy. Virtual school was amazing for him and he got to fully participate. This has changed how he is attending school this year as well. Having access to classmates who acknowledge you on a daily basis has brought such joy to his life. After years of not interacting with others outside of his family/nursing circle, Javad has found a small tribe. 

Teaching has become a very different job. Last year felt like I was marching to a drum I had never heard before. I was teaching to students I rarely saw and some that I will never know. It is a strange experience knowing that I connected with more than 180 students and many I have no idea what they look like. As a teacher who is committed to making connections with my students, it was a strange experience. This year, I am in an entirely new teaching world. I left a district where I taught for 21 years and have returned to my alma mater. I am back to being probationary in my 30th year of teaching, an odd sensation for sure.

Our world is different. It is not worse, it is different and the beautiful thing is that we get to choose what it will be. 

Take the first step, be brave and create an amazing life for yourself. You get to choose. You have the power. The world is yours!

You win the game that you are up to. 



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