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Everyone's Mom...

                                                                      So I joined TikTok.  Yes, I am one of "those" people, who has joined the latest craze. I am there with all the millenials who are much younger than me (although, yes, there are those who are older as well.) I joined for fun and began  making fun videos.  That's when my daughtrer called, saying that she and her friends "decided they wanted to make me famous" (I laughed). She asked if I would be "everyone's mom." I laughed again and asked why she would want that. This is when I got an asnwer that almost made me stop n my tracks. "Times are really hard right now, Mom, and everyone needs a mom like you. You accept people for who they are no matter what, you love them, and acknowledge them. People need that right now."  I was honored and surprised. If you know anything about my daughter and I, you know that her teen years weren't an easy road and I was definitely not her