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I Teach, What's your SuperPower?

 It is hard to believe that it is September 9th already. What happened to the Summer (although in many ways this has been the longest summer ever! We left school on March 13, thinking that we would return sometime in the Spring. I had not idea that, in September, we still wouldn't be going back to school (in the building per se).  Although we still have two weeks before students begin,  my level of anxiety is increasing every day. This is my 28th year teaching and I feel unequipped to fully meet the needs of the students I love so dearly! We have started Professional Development and Professional Learning Communities..zoom meetings all day. Everyone is starving for information, trying to put the puzzle together as to how we will serve those we teach.  We are starting school in a new world, both during a pandemic as well as a time of social upheaval. There have been nightly protests in Portland for over 100 days. Protests that stand for Black Lives Matter, protests that ha