Self-care in a scary time....

I was noticing today that the stress and anxiety of the time is making my tremor show up more. I am not overly surprised, although, I don't necessary feel stressed except for the constant heartburn in the pit of my stomach. Ugh.

Years ago I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor after a year of having severe facial tics and other issues. These tremors don't show up that often unless the stress level is almost unbearable. So I guess that's where I am.

This isn't really about me and my tremor, but rather in a time of high stress, what do you see coming up for you? How do you care for yourself?

This is a strange and scary time, a time when we hear about the storm that is brewing but we are watching from outside. Some people are directly experiencing the effects of this virus, either themselves getting sick, or others around them. I can't even imagine being in that boat. I, on the other hand, am spending most of my time trying to stay out of the way so I can keep my sweet, medically fragile boy, healthy. It is a constant stress in regular times, a greater stress now.

What can we do in these times? We can care for one another but still be physically distant. Check on on friends that live alone, check in on those who don't, play games together online, or video chat and play games face to face. There are many things to do and now is the time to be creative. It's hard, I know but we can do this. Lives depend on it!

In these times of uncertainty, give yourself grace. Sleeping in is ok, not exercising is fine, baking (I've seen so much baking!) is therapeutic. In these times, take care of others but, most importantly, make sure you take care of yourself!


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