Quarantine Day (Not sure depends on when count started)

Holy Cow Batman!

I haven't posted in forever! I am not sure what that says. This year has been both challenging and freeing. I am finally feeling more settled into myself, which hasn't happened in a long time.

This month marks the five year mark from Javad's seizure. It seems strange that it has been five years. One one hand it has been a lifetime ago and yet it seems like it was yesterday. So much has changed in my world. I am not longer married, although I feel like we are in a much better place than we were for some time, and I am dating a wonderful man. I feel more at peace than I have in some time. It's hard not having Javad with me, but he is in the home he has grown up in, in the room that was built for him. All in all...things are good.

That brings us to this past week. We are knee deep in COVID-19 and the Quarantine that comes with it. It is such a strange time. One would think with all of Javad's sickness and hospitalizations, I would be prepared for isolation, but this is different. When there has been isolation, on our part, has not resulted, in isolation everywhere.

We are now on a "Stay home, Stay Healthy" order which, for many other states, is being called "Shelter in Place." Stay in your neighborhood, don't go out unless you need to. You can get groceries, walk your dog, and, for me, come to Javad's. Every day things are changing. Never in my life has something like this happened. Worst of all, I am cut off from my students, some of who need connections the most.

I worry that this disease will ultimately show itself to be one that strikes those in different socio-economic classes differently. Although it is very inconvenient and frustrating to be told to be at home, there are many families in my attendance area who are still working multiple jobs to stay afloat. These are the families and students I worry the most about.

We are still in the early times...we are nowhere near the peak of this virus. My goal is to stay healthy and to keep Javad healthy. It is a scary time. We will make it through this.


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