Day by day the Timbers are away...

During March, the Timbers season begins. Well, every year until this year. This year we are in Quarantine, Social Distancing, which would be virtually impossible in the Timbers Army.

We stand together, literally, and cheer boisterously for our Boys.  Five years ago, this strange family, clad in green and gold, saved me. I had just watched my son nearly die and i was lost. My entire life was crumbling around me but at these games I had people reaching out, offering me a hand up.

The Timbers are home, Providence Park is Church, a place where I feel safe, feel cared for, feel loved. I have found my people there. When it's game day, I am excited to see my people, spend time with them, feel their love. Together we feel the highs of victory and the lows of defeat, but best of all we do it together!

Over the last five years, these days have boosted my spirit, helped me to feel grounded, gave me an emotional home. These days have helped me heal.

Today, I sat at home for what feels like the millionth day and thought about the game I was supposed to be at tonight, with my people. It feels a bit hollow not seeing them, but I know that we are in a strange and historic time. We are staying inside to Flatten the Curve. Meanwhile, we talk about games of the past, watch old games on TV as if they're new, finding the spirit of the game.

I look forward to the day when we join together at the North End, all decked out in Green and Gold, cheering on our boys. My spirit will soar on that day. I will be with my people, be with those that helped me heal. I am ready, in time, to be there again.

Until then, be well...take care...stay in, stay healthy...until we cheer again! #RCTID #PTFC


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