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Pioneer Woman

When I was about twelve years old, my father began dating a woman who would become his wife. On our first trip together (when I was actually spending some time together), we went rafting and camping. I was fiercely attached to my dad, was a grouchy twelve year old (I know...hard to and, frankly, I was not thrilled that he was serious about anyone... Anyway, long story short, after a flipped over raft (with her and my father in it), a hysterical twelve year old (I know...hard to, and a bunch of soaking wet people, she (off the cuff) invented the Pioneer Women's Club. She explained that in the olden days, women were required to be brave and conquer hard situations. Sometimes things didn't work as planned, and Pioneer Women would work hard to make things better. She explained that we were like Pioneer Women in this situation. My twelve-year-old self bought into the story, making us part of a club that now sports members that include all the women in