Like a Leaf Floating in the Wind

Walking down the trail, a sliver of light cutting through the dark trees throwing shadows onto the trail. One step in front of another, slowly gathering speed and strength, walking around the shadows, stepping into the light. Forest wildlife scampering in front of me, breathing in the fresh air, filling my lungs, stretching them fully.

I think about those who are struggling to breathe, parents who are lost in their own personal woods, trying to find their way to the light. Dragging their feet, step by step, frantically searching to find the one that they have lost. Looking behind each tree, lifting each branch, searching.  Each of these personal forests, side by side, crossing over into one anothers territory, catching a glimpse of others along the tree line.

Sometimes walking through the forest is lonely. You are alone with your feelings, ever engulfing you. Sometimes it feels as if you are losing your mind, thoughts swirling about in your head. The walk can be lonely, others reaching in trying to understand.

These last two weeks have been a challenge. In my MTM-CNM Community, we have lost two boys. Two sweet angels that have left the world too soon. Every loss hits me hard, deep in my heart and soul. In my personal life, I am struggling over the hills and in the valleys. Emotional highs and lows on a daily basis.

I am tired....physically, mentally emotionally. In times like this, I am just a leaf floating in the wind...


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