Dear Future Self...

Dear Future Self,

I see you. Right now I am feeling that sometimes life can be a challenge. When looking back on this time, I know that you have so many conflicting feelings. There was sadness, anger, frustration. There was sorrow, annoyance, but also the beginnings of joy. Don't beat yourself up that this happened. Don't feel guilty. We have have spent so much of our life feeling guilty. There are times in life when things don't go as planned. It's okay. We started this journey so many years ago. We were on a path that we thought was clearly planned out but it veered in a different direction. There was no fault, no blame.

Look back on these times and learn from them. We have spent a lifetime spinning, sometimes nearly out of control, grabbing the same items from the shelf of life. Although each of the items looked like they were different, we have found that they were the same. Now you know that these aren't really what you need. Beauty and glamour is not necessary for you to find joy. Who others want you to be isn't as important as who you are. Continue to look inside yourself...see who you really are and go in that direction.

Deep in our soul the music sings. We need to follow the song of our heart which will lead to new beginnings. Touch the beauty and feel the vibration ripple across your skin. Feel the earth under your feet, the smell of cool rain on your face, like tears from the sky weeping over the sorrows of our past. The cool breeze blowing away the rough edges, smoothing out the pain that we have carried in our heart. The pounding of your feet against the rocky trail, flattening out all that has stopped us from accepting what the universe has to offer.

Future self, please don't let the scars of the past determine our future. You cannot control the stars, the turning of time. You can only choose how to respond. Our future depends on you. Future self, we have spent so much time beating ourselves up, telling ourselves that we did not deserve good things. We have spent too much time holding up what we believe that others want and always finding that we did not meet the bar. Always working, always trying, never satisfied. It is time to put those beliefs away, shoot them to the moon. You are enough. I hope, Future Self, that you have learned to believe in your power. Take it forward, never quit.

Search for happiness, joy, and contentment relentlessly. Never let others squash your spirit. Never give up. Now is our time to have the life we have always hoped. Future Self, I am counting on you. Me, your past self, is just beginning to believe that this life can be more. I am hopeful, Future Self. I leave it up to you to continue the journey. I leave it up to you to build something, your past self, is counting on it!


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