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Tears of ash falling from the sky...

I have been silent this last few weeks. The last weeks have been filled with lots of feelings. In our small MTM community, we have been devastated by more loss. Another sweet boy has gained his wings, sending his sweet soul to run, play and eat ice cream on the Playground in Heaven. Another family whose heart has been broken by the loss of their beautiful boy. Their loss sends ripples through the community, each family feeling loss and sorrow of their own. Sadly, this is an experience that has happened over and over, so many children lost over the last thirteen years since Javad's diagnosis. Two years after Javad's seizure, I struggled. I have talked about this more than once, but what I haven't talked about over and over, is the power and freedom I found in the woods. I began hiking again two years ago. After eighteen years of staying out of the woods, I strapped some boots on and was led to a beautiful trail called the Christmas Ornament Trail on Larch Mountain in the C