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Total Eclipse...

Today was a Solar Eclipse and, in many parts of Oregon, we experienced either totality or near totality. It was a pretty amazing experience. At 9:00am, my friend and I set up camp in my front yard and waited with our glasses on for the eclipse. As the moon went over the sun, the temperature changed and became cool. We grabbed some blankets, wrapped up, and sat through the cool breeze that formed as the moon slowly covered the sun. The sky got dusky, the air cooler, and we marveled at the beauty of the amazing dance in the sky. Life can be similar, an expected event that is so much more powerful that you expect, changes your view. Plans made. Changes in the wind that causes a turn that you never saw coming. When this happens, you are faced with a choice...bundle up and ride things out or pack up and stay where you are. This is the crossroads where I find myself. The breeze of change has entered my life and I am choosing to ride the wave. The pieces of my life are being rearranged

I wear my sunglasses at night...

I recently got new sunglasses. They are prescription glasses so I can wear them while driving or doing other activities and still be able to see clearly. Sometimes, when I have stopped somewhere, I find that I am still wearing my sunglasses and, because I can still see, I actually forget that I am wearing them. I apologize but realize that I need to keep wearing them or everything will be blurry. Events in my life recently require clear vision, new glasses of a sort. Glasses to help me see into my own heart, my future. When the world is cloudy and the hope is that the fog will clear, you push through with an open hand, parting the wisps of white streaming through my mind's eye. My life is in a rapid succession of changes and, at times, I am having a hard time focusing. I need glasses that will make things clear, provide me with direction. Sometimes I think that we believe that, as adults, we will have our lives together. I know that's what I thought. I had figured that my l

City of Angels...

"to touch you, and to feel you, to be able to hold your hand right now. Do you know what that means to me? Do you know how much I love you?" ~Seth (The City of Angels) I live in a world filled with angels...beautiful children who have gained their angel wings after a lifetime of fighting a disease that often shows no mercy. Yesterday morning, our community lost another child, a sweet girl whose smile beamed light into the universe. She was smart, beautiful and kind. She was the light of the lives of so many...those who knew her and even those who didn't  know her personally saw her light. The City of Angels is filled with so many beautiful souls. Over one hundred children have entered this city over the last thirteen years since Javad was diagnosed with Myotubular Myopathy. One hundred children...whenever I write this I am overwhelmed by the sheer number. Their bodies weak although thwir minds are strong. Beautiful children bound by bodies that don't work for them