The family you choose...

Each of us is born with a family. We are connected by genetics, connected by blood. There is a long history between us. A family tree deep with branches reaching across generations. It doesn't matter if you grow up with your family or you are adopted, there is a deep historical background that weaves through each family.

Family we choose is different. These are people that we allow into our lives, people that we choose. These people could be actual family or possibly friends or others that we have chosen to be influential. I think that the family we choose is even more powerful than our blood family. These are the ones that we feel strong enough about to be selected to be influential in our world. These are the ones that we call on in times of need, create space for. The family we choose is ours...not ones that are given but rather ones that our heart has said, "You...are mine."

Surround yourself with family....make sure they are good need them. They are the ones that hold you up so choose wisely!


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