Standing up for yourself...

Standing up for yourself can be a fragile undertaking. The outer person and the inner person often conflicting. Confidence can be fleeting when confronted with situations that bring up feelings of rejection from the past. Personal growth can be a challenge when constantly plagued by feelings of inadequacy and doubt. These feelings often control our decisions and our ability to fully meet our own expectation or expectations of those around us.

Many of us, people that manage to function in their everyday lives, have deep feelings of inadequacy that dictates the decisions we make.  When interacting with others, they present as emotionally fully formed adults while inside there is questioning and wondering if we, indeed, are who people think or rather imposters in our own lives. Imposter syndrome, something that impacts almost 70% of the populations, is where high achieving individuals are unable to internalize their successes and often feel that they are a fraud. Every success that they achieve, they believe that they don't deserve it. Any praise that is received is immediately brushed off, believed that it is not genuine. They continue on their path of over-preparation, obsession, and working harder than others to achieve a similar result.

So many of us fall into this category. We have never learned to stand up for ourselves, accept that our hard work is resulting in excellent outcomes. Gifted in many areas, bright and capable, we must push aside the fear that has overcome us, and stand. Stand for the brilliance we bring to the world, stand for the skills and accomplishments that we bring to the table.

Standing up for yourself is so much greater than one might think. It is acknowledging that you bring something unique to the world, it is pushing aside the fear and doubt that speaks to you in the small parts in the back of your brain, it is proudly looking at what you have done and saying "I am responsible for that." So many of us bring fear and insecurity into our space instead of opening our minds to the greatness that we can be. It's time for us all to open the space for success and stand up for yourself!

What should we do? Start by making a list of your accomplishments, write down all the positive feedback you have received so you can refer to these words later, keep track of the success stories that you helped create. Be kind to yourself, find others to support you and share your feelings with them, let them in and take their feedback. Don't apologize for mistakes you think you may have made. Don't belittle the work that you do and lessen it's value by saying, "This is just what I do" or "I only do this." Give yourself some credit where credit is due. Believe in yourself. Stand up for yourself because, honestly, if you don't, no one else can either.


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