Nothing is permanent...

Life is a series of cycles...your youth, the middle of our life, the years of power, and our older years of wisdom. We travel in these cycles throughout our lives, wondering and sometimes wandering. Each phase of our lives bringing new knowledge, new experiences. Each of these experiences bringing insight into our lives.

There are times when we take side roads, wanderings from our path. These roads may give us new knowledge, new experiences ot build on. Nothing in life is permanent. If they were, then we would get stuck, not grow as people. I think about being a teenager and am grateful that things aren't permanent. I can't imagine going through life with my sixteen year old self perspective, attitude or belief. I am grateful that we all move forward, we all grow and blossom.

We are always becoming. Becoming more aware, becoming more passionate, more understanding, more knowledgeable. We are beings that evolve, move from one level to another, growing. This is how we become more complete beings, becoming more than we previously were. Some refuse to become, they are stuck.

When we become unstuck, recognize that nothing is permanent, we allow ourselves to grow, blossom, become. We must open ourselves to the possibility of being something greater, something more. We must be open to the cycles of life, ready to accept that we can grow and change. We must never be satisfied with less than all we want to be. We must imagine our best selves then strive toward that self.

Becoming is a powerful action. As long as we continue becoming than we are never truly there. That is a powerful and hopeful idea. There is always room to grow, change and evolve...we just must be open.


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