Eyes of the Soul...

Deep inside of us, our soul looks out and surveys what is outside. Through our heart, there is a vision of our head and heart combined. The turmoil that may occur inside our most private selves, left hidden to others and should be sheltered, sometimes even from ourselves. The heart, the center of our being, through which our lifeblood pumps, should be treated with tenderness. Feelings shaking us to our core, laying a path toward joy, the heart and soul guide us forward.

Feelings are complicated, there is no real guidance as to which path one should take, follow the heart or the mind. Jumbled up in a ball of confusion and chaos, sometimes the path to the soul is jagged and rocky. Carefully walking the path, avoiding all the parts that may cause us pain, focusing on the light ahead that brings peace and joy.

Crawling within oneself, hoping to find love, hoping to find a peaceful path where there is comfort and love. The soul, soothing our hearts, plying it with gentle and tender love. The eyes of the soul allow us to see deeply, feel thoroughly, through all the confusion and struggle, the eyes of the soul help us see a broader picture, help us find hope.


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