Changes in the wind...


1. the act or instance of making or becoming different.

Change happens. Sometimes we don't plan it. Sometimes the wind shifts and its necessary. 

Change can be both frightening and invigorating. It can be empowering as well as terrifying. 

Changing requires you to look within yourself and examine what you currently have been doing and what is required to move forward. You must examine your goals and what you want, make a plan, and enact it. Sometimes creating a life that you love means that you look at your life as it is and makes changes. You must remove the pieces of your life that aren't bringing you joy replace them with things that do. Creating joy isn't about glowing with happiness but rather finding satisfaction within the life you lead. Sometimes change is required in order to find that satisfaction, find that peace.

How does one go about making this change? This is where the hard part is...looking within to see what it is you desire, what your hopes for your life may be becomes the framework to which you build within. Once you have established this framework, then you must look within to see what is neccesary to fill the frame with your hopes. Often this means that change must occur, something must be shifted to createthe space necessary for content.

We all deserve a life where we feel content and cared for. This means creating space for these things to occur, surrounding ourselves with people who build us up, opening ourselves to the possibility of satisfaction and joy. Each and every one of us deserves to have it all, but sometimes we must be prepared to take that first brave step and prepare ourselves for change... 


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