As you wish...

The Princess Bride is definitely on the list as one of my favorite movies. It is completely cheesy, yet one I love. Buttercup, a young woman on a farm, realizes that the farm boy, Wesley, has fallen in love with her. This through a series of a single spoken line, "As you wish."

Three simple words, "As you wish"...carry such deep power. It opens the flood gates of emotion both within oneself and towards others. How do we decide what we wish? How do we define the parameters of our "wish?" By definition to wish something means to feel or express a strong desire or hope that something, that is not easily attainable, will happen. How do we decide what we desire? How do we know what's best for us? for others?

Todetermine this, we need to examine our lives, our thoughts and our desires which will lay a foundation for joy and content. Once we have determined these, we must begin to create a plan that will lead us toward what we "wish." For some, this may befinding success in one's career. Building a foundation for a career that provides satisfaction and a feeling of competence over a lifetime is crucial. Creating a space where we feel our hard work is rewarded and recognized, not necessarily with glowing responses and being pulled into the limelight, but rather recognition and acknowledgement for work we have done. For others, our wish may come in the area of relationships. Feeling a sense of stability within relationships in our lives is far more crucial than many recognize. When there is dissidence within our personal relationships, an imbalance in power in some way, we often find ourselves wandering aimlessly within our lives, unclear as to where we should be putting our energy. Once we begin to acknowledge what we "wish" then we can begin to build the life we desire.

In Princess Bride, Princess Buttercup, devoid of any feelings of love due to the loss of her beloved Wesley, agrees to marry Prince Humperdink. She is empty inside and does not see this as a betrayal since she has been grieving the death of Wesley. At one point she is reunited with Wesley, who tells her that death, the one that she believe he had suffered, cannot even stop true love.

In this instance we can equate true love with so many of the things we desire in our lives.  We desire security and stability, but also adventure and excitement. We desire love, adoration and feelings of electricity running through our bodies, yet we also desire to have a relationship that makes us feel content. We desire careers that bring us joy and satisfaction, one where we feel we have made an impact on those around us as well as society as a whole. Our wish can be all emcompassing or on a much smaller scale.

The Princess Bride has so many tiny treasures that we must watch for. It truly is a movie for all to enjoy, where live lessons are subtly taught, where loyalty towards friends and companions is shown, and the power of love is demonstrated. As we watch this cheesy, yet beautifully told tale, we should look within for a deeper meaning. We have the ability to create an incredible life, as Dread Pirate Roberts did, handing it all down to Wesley. Once we have begun to create this amazing life, we will be more open to the simple three words, "As you wish" knowing that any wish we desire can truly come true.


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