Throwback Thursday

This week we are having our final Spirit Week of the year. It was Throwback Thursday. Many of the students came dressed in the eras of the 70's and 80's. I saw afros and aviator glasses, giant mustaches, and fanny packs. It was fun but I think the sweetest was one of my sweet girls from Burma. She was dressed in a traditional dress from the past, one her parents would wear. A beautiful representation of her country of origin and her culture. I loved that even though it is Ramadan and she is fasting, she wanted to participate and brough a touch of "home" to our day.

Her spirit, and so many of my other students, are a constant reminder of the melting pot we are, one where new and old can come together. Throwback Thursday, for may of my American students, is a way for them to look at the past twety years ago, while for many of my foreign born students whose countries have existed for thousands of years, it's a way to celebrate their cuture and what they bring to ours. It's a beautiful thing!


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