The lies we tell ourselves...

Life can be complicated. I am not sure that would be a hard sell to anyone. Some days are good while others, well, we can leave those behind. On those days, the crummy ones, we sometimes have to tell ourselves lies to move forward with our day. Lies swirl around us, challenging our body image, our competence at our job, our ability to connect with others.

Sometimes these lies are bigger, deeper, darker. These are lies we tell ourselves to keep us safe. The world can be a crazy place and self-protection becomes the most important goal. So many things are out of our personal control, decisions coming at us from all directions. How do we keep ourselves sane? How do we filter through all the information coming at us? How do we determine what is right? What do we choose? There isn't always a clear path.

So we begin to walk down the rocky path, weighing each option. We hold our hands outstretched to gather the wisdom surrounding us like a fog. Grasping at the air, hoping for clairty to wash over us. When there is none, we tell ourselves a lie to keep ourselves safe. Sometimes the truth is too painful, makes us feel too raw. The lie can soothe the broken and seal back together the cavernous choices.

Sometimes the lie isn't detrimental, but rather what we have been saying to sail through our lives, not connecting, not feeling but rather existing. To fully experience life, we must blow apart the lie and acknowledge the fallacy it is, creating space for truth and joy.

Transformation can only take place when the lies we have been telling ourselves are proven to be wrong, shown to be illogical and finally seeing the truth can open a
space for joy.


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