Teamwork makes the dream work....

Teamwork makes the dream work....I say this to my students almost every day when encouraging them to work together and find solutions. Teamwork is a skill that we all should employ. The idea of two or more people, with a common goal, focusing on its success. To experience true success, we all need to be a part of a "team." Who that team consists of can vary depending on the situation, where you are, who you are with. The team is how we find success.

Each of us needs to find our team, the people that hold us up, push us forward and keep us accountable. People on our team ask the hard questions, make us look inside ourselves, and support us. The team is there to hold us up when we can barely stand, the team guarding us when we are down.

Choosing people for your team is one of the most important tasks ahead of us. Some of these people are specific choices, bound together by common interests or occupation. Friends that have come together to support one another and help one another grow. Personally, I think about the team I have formed at work. Teachers who share a common goal with me professionally, a team formed by the love of our students and the desire to open the world to them. Some of these teachers are also on my personal team, ones that support me in my personal growth, hold me accountable, and lift me up when I need it. I cherish each one of these people, knowing that I would not be where I am now without them.

Other times your team is formed by chance, united by a common interest. These are people that, at the beginning, you may not know well, but in time can become like family. This team can pick you up from the lowest places and elevate you above. The can lift you from the deepest hole and put you back onto level ground. For me, this is the Timbers Army, the supporters of the Portland Timbers. People from the Army have supported me through the most difficult times, lifting me up when I wasn't sure I would make it. This is what a team is.

Finding your team is one of the most important parts of your life. Finding those who support you, care for you, and hold you up in both the best and worst of times can be one of the most critical decisions that you ever make. Thinking about what you need from those around you and what you want to accomplish can help focus your vision. Choose your team wisely...they are the ones who will help you reach your dreams... remember that Teamwork makes the dream work and really, that's what matters.


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