Reading the signs...

In our lives we are presented with signs. These signs lead us down a variety of paths, guiding us along the way. Signs that direct us, help us make choices, give us information about the dangers and potential pitfalls as well as notification of joys ahead.

What do we do when the signs are muddy, making them hard to read. We can get up and wipe the mud away, decipher the sign and move forward or, try to read the sign through the mud.

Knowing how to read the signs is one of the most important skills we can learn. What direction are we being directed toward, what our future holds. Each link along our journey guiding us toward a life that we merely tolerate or a life that we love. Finding our personal paradise can be through a variety of paths, but most importantly, we must see the signs and be willing to heed them.

What motivation do we have to follow the signs? Really, it is the ultimate motivation...peace, joy and love, things we all deserve and desire. What can happen if we choose not to? Possible detour, along a path that does not fulfill us or push us to grow.

The signs are everywhere...we must choose whether we grab the sunshine and follow them to a life that brings us joy and love or ignore them and continue on the path we are currenty following. Personally, I plan on dusting off the signs and driving toward the sun!


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