Procrastination....a student's nightmare

The end of the year is here and for many teachers, especially high school teachers, the lights are finally beginning to flickeron some of our students eyes. The looming 40% is beginnning to incite panic in their procrastinating hearts. Today alone, I had four students come to me, asking what they could do to improve their grade. I held my snarkiness, the instructions to find a time machine, and tried to explain to them that the final week of the semester is not really the time to try to figure out how to pass.

One would think that one of the thousands of conversastions I have had earlier in the semester would have sparked some movement, but, alas, nothing. I spent time explaining that when you have failed all tests and haven't turned in any assignments, it is going to be hard to turn things around so late.

I work hard for my students. Most would tell you that I am there, available, at lunch, after school and beyond, but sadly, some of the students can't find it within themselves to put in minimal effort on a regular basis. I am sad...I am worried...these are the future adults that I am working with. Should I be a bit concerned? Yes...we continue to do more with less and the time to help mold the ones who really need more time and support is becoming scarce.

No, your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency for me, but I can sympathize and, hopefully, help you make better decisions for next year...

We will all make it, by the skin of our teeth, but soon we will be basking in the sun! <3


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