Planting a seed...

Have you ever planted a garden? You till the soil, sprinkle water, and create a bed of earth that is soft and receptive to the plants. Gently, you place the seeds into the ground and begin to care for the plants to grow. Each seed, covered in a hard shell to protect it, must soften it's shell to receive the nutrients so it can grow. Over time, with the right conditions, the seed sprouts and begins to press itself through the soft earth seeking the sun.

We, as humans, are more like the seed than we may like to admit. Many of us, covered in hard shells, are buried deep down in the earth of our lives, afraid to break through. We have weathered the brutal storms and the crisp air of pain has hardened our shells. The earth, frosted over in times of turmoil or sorrow, is holding us into this stage. We lay dormant in the earth, covering our heads to protect ourselves, looking deep within and not up towards the sun.

One day, the earth warms and, deep within, we feel the change. Curious and questioning, we begin to examine why this change of weather is changing our feelings about where we are. Slowly the earth softens and the water sprinkles down, creating a path for us to begin to grow. The hardened shell begins to soften and we begin to stretch, sprouting our stems. It begins slowly and is a bit scary, this change from the frozen land into the warm and welcoming sun, but the further we stretch, we begin to feel joy. Reaching out with the small plants of our hearts, we push through the softened earth into the glorious sun.

Now we have begun to see the world from another view. In the past, our vision blocked by the brown earth, now reveals the color and beauty of the spring. Plants growing side by side, bending their ears toward us, listening to the tales of a long winter. Together, entwined, we begin creating a space of beauty and peace. The birds singing creates a song that makes the heart swell with joy. The sun, beating down, creating warmth that expands our growth to stand tall. Each day, farther away from the winter, makes us forget of the barren and crushing feelings of loneliness of the past. Being the only seed, below the frozen land. Now, in the sun and the garden of our life, we see so many beautiful and glorious things, which encourage us to blossom to the fullest extent. Standing tall, we bloom, showing the innermost parts of our petals, the heart of the flower, to the world.

Planting a seed, breaking through, and growing. All frightening and exhilerating steps in our lives. Each step, examining the present and pushing upward, paves a path. As time moves forward, the journey through the crushing earth becomes the joyous celebration when we are all dancing together
in the sun.


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