Keeping us safe...

The heart is a muscle. It is crucial to the survival of our body and mind. It's job is to take oxygen throughout our bodies and feed all the organs that help our bodies work. The heart is also the place that holds our spirit, our soul. It is where we say that we love from. It is the center of our being.

If we examine deeper, energy comes forth through the seven chakras. The heart chakra, Anahata, is the fourth chakra. It is the chakra that brings unification and wholeness. The heart is the place that bonds us to others. Self-love, generosity and kindness flows from the deepest part of your soul. Anahata helps us to recognize that we are connected to others, a thin line that connects us, an intricate web of relationships that, together can heal.

Anahata is the path of love, healing and compassion towards others. It means being open and allowing the feelings flow over and through you. This flow brings self-love and through this love feelings flow over onto and through others.

So what happens when the walls around your heart are high? This is what we build to keep us safe...Brick by brick, hurt has build a fortress around the place that feeds our soul. Something must come in to break this wall down. In order to love fully, you must feel free. In order to be free, the heart must be able to breathe. This freedom will flow out allowing others to feel the warmth and energy that comes from you.

The heart is the most important organ in the body...not because of its vital function, but because without it, deep and powerful love is not possible. This love, the kind that alters your soul, shakes you to the core, cannot be fully found or felt until the heart is free from its bonds. Brick by brick, freedom and love tears away the walls that constrict the heart, allowing it to shine.

The opening of this wall, even a small crack that eventually opens wide, allows the heart to breathe and the love flow finally...keeping us safe.


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