Journey of the soul...

The heart is an unusual organ. It is the size of a fist but, although it's small size, is the most important organ in the body. Without it, there would be no life at all. Made of muscle, connected to the brain, the heart pumps vital blood to the body while removing waste to keep the body healthy and strong. The heart, a crucial piece of us, also is where our soul is centered.

Our soul is the center of our being. It is where our life, spirit, and consciousness come together as one. The soul guides us, directs us, it is our guide through this life. Many philosphers have written about the soul in an attempt to understand it. Plato believed that the soul was in three parts: the logos, located in the head and relating to the mind, the thymos, located in the chest and related to emotion, and finally eros, located in the stomach and related to desire. Rudolf Steiner, and Austrian philosopher, believed that there are three stages in the development of the soul. The first, the sentient soul, centers on sensation, passion and will. The second, the mind soul, internalizes and relfects on outer experiences, and finally, the consciousness soul, which is the final stage where we search for the universal and objective truths.

How can our soul guide us along this journey we desire to walk? Our mind creates the space for us to begin to move forward, the sentient soul, determining our direction. This first stage where our passion grows and blooms. Like a seed that is planted, we will spend the rest of our lives watering it. Passion can take many forms, romantic, work, life. Finding your passion is crucial to help guide you. Discovering your passion is an life altering moment that speaks deep into your heart. Passion can also guide you to love. Love can be sweet and simple, kind words between friends, sitting near one another with simple sparks, or it can be a deep and powerful experience that shakes you to the core of your being. The soul opens the space for this love to grow.

The soul also guides our mind. The mind soul, guiding how we reflect upon our lives, our past and our future. The intertwining of our lives with others, building a future, contemplating how our past has brought us to this place and how we will move forward. The mind soul rooting through our past to find crucial connections to guide our decisions and choices. We must continue to search in order to grow. This is the watering stage of the seed planted earlier. Deep reflection watering our soul.

Finally our consciousness soul is where we desire to be. This is where we look deep within ourselves, find what truly makes our hearts sing and pursue it with single focus.

The heart and soul, intertwined within us to create a passionate and reflective being, lay the path for us to grow and create our beautiful life. The journey of the soul isn't always easy...we are met with hurdles and obstacles that we must clear away but in the end, the journey is totally worth it!


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