Dear Seniors...

Dear Seniors,

Tomorrow I start the last week of school for this school year. Last week I watched you graduate. It was a moment unlike I have felt with other students. You, as a group, hold an extra special place in my heart. I have watched you grow, from sixth grade to now. You started as children and now are young adults.

You seem to have special bonds with one another...more than other groups I have taught. Even as you have grown, and maybe not hanging out with each other as much, you still have a great deal of respect and love for each other.

You have experienced great tragedy together and great joy. You have had experienced that no one your age should have had to experience and yet, you rose above, you stood tall and showed the world what you are truly made from.

I remember when you would have lunch in my classroom in middle school. You were such a large group that I would talk to my friends about the unique qualities you had as a group and individually. So grown up and mature and yet, still children, excited about the world around them. Thanksgiving meals, Secret Santa parties...your creativity and love for each other showed.

Dear Seniors...I know that I haven't taught some of you for a few years, but I have been watching you grow into fantastic human beings. I am proud to have been standing on your path where you woven back and forth, crossing past me. Each phase I have done my best to support you, encourage you, remind you how amazing you are.

You, my dear seniors, have an incredible future ahead of you. I am so excited to watch what happens and follow your success.

Remember, my dear ones, that I am always in your corner, on your side. I will forever be here to support you, hold you up, and remind you of what incredible beings you are. You are a part of my heart forever and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to teach you. You are a reminder of the reason I do what I do...

With love, Mrs. Mashinchi <3


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