Calling Dr. Who..

I don't mean to focus on school, but as a teacher, in my final week...HOW CAN I NOT? The week continues with students begging for ways to pass math (the class I teach). It is all I can do to not give a snarky answer like, "Call Dr. Who...see if he can take you back in time!" Today I had a student, who has literally done nothing all semester ask if she could turn in the project we've been working on for 4 DAYS! in late. (insert my eyeroll here!) I just can't even.

Now, don't get me wrong...I am a committed teacher. I want my students to be successful, but after months of having private conversations with students, pep talks, encouraging conversations, I just don't know what to say when TODAY (four days from the end of their school year) is the day that things become a priority! Sign...I just am at the end!

Maybe some lessons will be learned. I can be hopeful. Unless, seriously, Dr. Who shows up, transports them back in time, they (somehow) figure out how to care, then work hard all semester, and (believe it or not) receive a passing grade, I just don't know how to help!

I wish students understood that school isn't about the academic knowledge they "learn" but rather it is about the student skills, the life skills around organization and time management, interaction with others, self-advocating skills that really matter. These are only a few of the skills that students can gain in school...but first they need to put down their phones and begin to care, for themselves...That is the only way...unless all else fails then...Calling Dr. Who!


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