Problems to Solve...Teaching to do...

Today is the first day of Spring Break. Well, to clarify, at 3:10pm today, I was officially on spring break. This year I am trying to find some solace. I have some specific goals that I want to accomplish, some of which I have been trying to get done for a few years.

Two years when Javad had his seizure, I went into a deep depression, a hole that I struggled to dig myself out of. At work, I coped, barely getting through each day without crying. My room piled with piles and my life was a disaster. I have been trying to dig myself out for the last year. Then my Grama died this last May and that was a definite setback. I looked forward and continued because not continuing wasn't an option. One day at a time I have been healing, one breath at a time. I am better than I used to be, but still not better.

I don't cry every day. Sometimes days, even a week goes by without crying. I feel accomplished when these weeks happen. Somehow through all this, Imanaged to do my job, not well, but I made it to the end of last year.

This year has been better and somehow we have made it to Spring break. It has been a challenge. I am teaching three new classes, all with new curriculum. I am teaching two sheltered classed, which means the students are all receiving English language services. I am finishing my ESOL Endorsement, which means I will be certified to teach English Language Learners. Frankly, they are my favorite classes...most of the students have a high desire to learn.

This brings me to Spring Break...I will work to declutter, bring some order into my life. I am starting a LuLaRoe business to build some financial stability and enjoy spreading the joy of comfortable clothes to my friends and family. I will think about my students because I love them...I am grateful for a job I love. Most of all I will remember that we all are in this together. For those who have been rocks for me over the last few years, you know who you are, I am forever grateful. It is for you that I am working my way into mental and physical health. Thank you.

Together...this is how we improve our lives. That is my goal, make my life better, make my students lives better, and most of all, find joy. It's out there...I am just going to grab it! <3


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