Soccer Church...

Tonight I went to a preseason Timbers Soccer game. It's interesting heading to the stadium and being around those who have been so supportive to me these last few years. I stood in Section 105 and looked across the pitch and felt myself breathe it in. For two hours I felt the stress melt away and just enjoyed the game.

Soccer has been a part of my life for years but after Javad's seizure it took on a different meaning. Soccer became the lifeline that kept me sane. Through Javad's healing, I have found solace in the people, most of who didn't know me before, coming to support me without question. Being a part of the community is a unique feeling, one that I can't really describe. All I can say is that it feels wonderful.

Most of my fellow Army friends refer to the stadium as "church." In many ways it's a place to gather and celebrate something that is commonly loved. It's a place to feel uplifted and sometimes deal with sorrow. It is a place where "Share the Love" is a common phrase. Like a family, there are squabbles and disagreements, but there is support and love too.

One tradition that happens every game is that a group of scarves are placed on the log. These scarves are special and have been given to Timber Joey. He chooses which ones are there for everyone to see. Tonight, I looked down at the log and saw Javad's scarf. I felt so full with joy. This embodies the love and support I feel when I am here. The boy was there...
I am grateful for these people and the joy they have brought to my life these past few years. I am looking forward to heading down to Providence to attend Soccer Church this really is one place where joy is found!

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