Educate Me...

Think about applying for a job...You spruce up your resume, write a mission statement, and prepare for the questions you may be asked.

Today I learned something new...when it comes to high ranking government jobs...none of these things matter. Money does.

Today a new secretary of education was confirmed. Betsy DeVos, a woman with virtually no education experienced was hired by the United States Government to lead educational policy. Let's be clear...I am NOT qualified for this job, but I believe, with a Bachelor degree in General Science and two Masters degrees, one in Education with a focus on SPecial Education and a second in Mathematics Education, I am far more qualified than she is. I have experience and desire to improve the quality of education and opportunties for our students...all of them regardless of their social standing, the color of their skin or their religion.

It seems tht we are moving into a new realm in education. Over time, teaching has become a career that is so much more than just teaching.  Teaching is about caring for the student who is hungry, the one who had a rough morning, making sure your students have eaten, calming a student who is stressed about school. Home visits, referrals, so many things besides teaching. Helping students critically think, look at technology in a way that is not just for checking Facebook, creting lifetime learners.

In this new time, a time where the Secretary of Education can be clueless about the differences between proficiency and growth, where IDEA, the federal law that protects students with disabilities, could be "managed by the states," and school choice funnels services and finances from the public schools, creating a bigger gap between those that have and those that don't.

Our new government has brought in people with billions of dollars and practically no experience. The next four years is crucial for education. We need someone who is focused on improving practical knowledge, looking at what we are using testing data for, and providing equal opportunities for all students. We need a Secretary of Education who sees themselves fundamental in providing high tech training opportunties for students, providing internships, as well a scholarship opportunities. A Secretary of Education who understands how to fund a college education, how to help students relieve their college debt, and the idea that service to your country in the areas of education can be life changing for the students.

Education is the most important gift that we can receive...I am concerned about who may be choosing the content delivered. So here I stand, for the students I have now, and those who I will have in the future. I stand for my son, who has a disability and his education and many others are being threatened but mostly I stand for the educational institution, one that I have committed my adult life working in, pouring my heart, sweat, and energy to. This is where I stand.

I am not sure where the institution is going with this latest blow to our core values so Educate Me!


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