Creating a Life...

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." ~George Bernard Shaw

This is one of my favorite quotes. I remember when I first read this it was like a bolt of lightning surged through me. The power of creation can feel overwhelming. We are in the ultimate power position...creating the life that we want. I think about my youth and the daily grind of floating through daily life, there was no real concern for the future, just taking things as they came.

It's interesting watching time begin to examine the bigger picture...what is it that prompts this? Sometimes it's age, sometimes it's regret....for me, it has been grief and sorrow. A chasm so big that it seemed uncrossable.

I was defeated...Head hanging. I knew that the pit was deep. When I opened my eyes the walls of the chasm were there. I felt defeated. It seemed like nothing was going to help....that this feeling was going to be one that lasted forever. Dead inside, a cloudy fog swirling in my brain. This was how it was to be.....until...

slowly a bridge was being built. I almost didn't see it happening. Hands reaching down to pull me up. A chain forming...hand over hand over hand, pulling me slowly up the side. Hands connnected to hands that I didn't even know. People standing for who I could be, who I am. Seeing a future I couldn't imagine. Joy, strength, passion. People standing in the space where a life could be created.

Slowly, I was being pulled up and then....the light was so bright it hurt my eyes. The beauty of the surroundings overwhelming the sorrow that has been ever present. It won't change things overnight, but the path is there. One step at a time, walking in the light, walking in the possibility of joy.

This is where is has already begun. This is about creation...creating a that is worth living.


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