Yesterday's blog, "Teach Peace" spoke of how we should be approaching the world with peace and love rather than hate and fear. It seems that our world just can't listen and needs to be pushing against the good.

At a #BlackLivesMatter rally in Minneapolis, a small group of White Supremacists came and shot five people protesting. This, my friends, is equivalent to domestic terrorism, if we want to throw the word around, the kind of hatred and fear that is causing lives to be lost. We must stop and reconsider what we are doing. It is time to rise up, humans together, shoulder to shoulder and say that we have had enough. We want the human race to move forward, in peace and harmony. If you are white, as I am, stand with those around us that are being persecuted. We live in the "Land of the Free" and shouldn't we ALL feel free?

This continues to be a concern. In the 1940's, we had a war that cause massive loss of lives. The Holocaust, driven by hate, killing millions. Japanese citizens, yes citizens, were placed in camps "as a way to protect them" out of fear, Jews were asked to "wear the star to identify them" out of fear. In our world, our free world, we have black mothers teaching their beautiful black children how to behave when police are around, something that I have never had to be concerned about. My friends, whose children have to be taught about a world I don't have to experience because of my whiteness, continue to move forward in hopes of a brighter future.

When is enough enough? When does the land of the free also become the land of tolerance and love and, let's be real here, the land of the free? When does having equal rights mean that you also have equal opportunity and aren't judged by the color of your skin, your gender, ethnicity, or religion. When, I ask...when do we finally say that #livesmatter? I believe it to be so and if you can't see me right now...know that I am standing!!


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