Just keep swimming...

I received a gift today...from a few friends from far away...this is a place where I am able to open my heart, my soul. I know that this is not just me, but this is the me that I don't really talk out loud about, the person who reveals cracks, the place where I can admit that I am not strong. This is not an easy thing for me...I like to believe that I am one who can handle things so that way things are right now brings an extra level of vulnerability...I try not to equate "not being strong" with being weak.

So, the gifts from afar helped my soul. Two special messages that renewed my spirit. It reminds me that, even when I feel like I am alone in the ocean, there are floaties nearby.


  1. Love you! So glad to spend time with you this week. Hang in there.

  2. I love reading your post Shannon!

  3. Love you beyond measure....I am your floaty...will always be there to catch you...support you....XOXO


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