Evaluate this...

Day 3: What would I like to focus on when being evaluated?

First of all, the real evaluation occurs from my students. When I think about being evaluated this year, I think about those students that I have that I may impact just by being their teacher.  My hope, of course, is that my impact will be a positive one...one where students feel noticed and appreciated.

Teacher evaluation is just a part of the deal. I am a seasoned teacher, which by no means means that I am a pro. Seasoned teachers who are worth anything examine their practices regularly to make sure that they are doing the best for their students. As I think about what I really want for my supervisor to "notice...," please make sure I am acknowledging each students, praising their hard work, and giving them space to learn about themselves.

I want to be a powerful force for good...I was my evaluations to be powerful...I want my teaching to be impactful...

That's my goal...let's do it!


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