Are Freshman like large preschoolers?

Tonight I am up with the littlest because we don't have a nurse. I only share this piece of information because it explains why I am up this late and why my late night makes me think about strange things...So here are some thoughts on my first full week of school.

Question of the day...

Student: Ummmm...I don't want to seem rude, but...when are we going to start learning real math?
Me: You don't think this is real math?
Student 2: If this is real math, then I think I'm going to love Geometry!

Algebra thoughts...

I spent some time during the summer reading about twelve books that talk about how to best teach the students that go to my school and are in our community. After reading these books, I set out to truly create something that would be a powerful academic experience for my students as well as personally affirming of their skills. Algebra is such an area where so many of my students feel unsuccessful, I really want to create something different for them.

So far, this week, I feel really great about the work I have done...really great about the work they are doing. Their experience is a good one so far and it just pushes me to continue putting in the time to change their view of math and their relationship to it.

Freshman thoughts...

Freshman are really hilarious. They are really like large preschoolers. Wandering about...not sure what they are doing, where they are going, and how things should be. I am working hard to learn their names (Eek...this is where I struggle but it will happen!) and get to know them. Although they are very exhausting (imagine working with 180 toddlers!), so far, it's fabulous!


  1. I feel you girlfriend!! And by the way, I want to be you when I grow up.


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