A Flock of Freshman...

Today was the ninth graders first day in our school. Wide-eyed and excited they came and participated in their Link Crew groups, meeting other excited and nervous freshman. The energy was high.

All of my classes have Freshman...some will get sophomores tomorrow and apparently I also have a sixth grader...I told the freshman to embrace that tonight and then get over it! :)

I was exhausted...I came home and took a twenty minute nap that, frankly, felt like I slept all night...I woke up feeling confused and not sure what was going on...it was comical, I imagine, my conversation with the nurse...thinking it was tomorrow morning.

I am encouraged by the students...having all freshman means that I am working with HOPE...I am going to instill hope and power to each of them...This year will be a turnaround for me, them, and whoever else is touched and impacted.

I am prepping for bed or I would add more cleverness...

Goodnight and sleep well! <3


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