The waning of summer...

It is the time of year when most teachers (and students) are trying to squeeze the last few moments of summer out before the long walk back to school. I look over my so called summer and realize that not only did my summer fly by, but I am not really sure it could be called summer in the sense that ultimate relaxation happened!

This was a summer of busy...I really thought at the beginning that I was taking this summer off and yet, that's not really what happened. I taught our ninth grade program, which was great, then did some school/personal traveling and am not back to work. Technically we don't go back until Monday but I have a lot to do and not much time to do it!

I am working on some curriculum, our after school program, and generally trying to get my life together...let me tell doesn't get any easier with time.

Forever the student and the teacher...I guess I'll just enjoy these last days of summer.


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