Math Camp Part Duex

Right now some of you read the title of this blog and you thought, "Math Camp? What the hell is that?" Years ago I was involved in a five year math grant. We went to Oregon State for three weeks for three summers and did a lot of math! It was actually the beginning of what concluded with my Masters degree in Math. We used to joke that it was "Math Camp" because it made it sound more fun! We actually did have some fun times and I learned a lot during those summers so that brings us to tomorrow...

Tomorrow I will be attending Curriculum Camp with three of my math friends from work. It will be like Math Camp part Duex.  We are working on rewriting curriculum...working towards making it more accessible for all students. Increasing the math knowledge, the deeper thinking, the literacy work that will move our students to the next level. I am excited to continue this work. Last year a lot got accomplished. Students gave very positive feedback about their learning.

I am hoping that this will begin to pull me out of my funk. I can focus on the work to be done. This is where I my best thinking...I am ready to help changes be made...ready for our students to improve...Math Camp here I come! <3


  1. So glad you are going to learn and grow with your math friends. Thank you for caring and being an amazing human being.


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