Endings and Beginnings...

Today was the end of Ninth Grade Counts, the program I have been teaching for the last four weeks. It was a celebration as well as time for me to think about what has been accomplished. Students have had opportunities to grow, as people and as students.  Most of them are ready to start school in the fall, ready to take on the next step of their academic and personal journey.

In some ways being with them this last four weeks is also preparing me for the next step of my journey as well.  I am teaching all freshman...a thought that made me shiver last spring. These students were quite different than last year...kinder, more considerate. I am looking forward to helping them move forward toward academic success.

It's days like today that reminds me why I love my job...helping young people move forward with their academic and personal success! I am pretty flipping excited...I'm not going to lie!


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