The joy of two...

Today my niece turned two. I had the privilege of being present at her birth, handing her to her mother moments after she was born. It was an amazing moment, considering both of my natural born children were both born by c-section. I did not actually witness their birth, having been numbed before and then given large doses of pain killers afterward. I am not saying that a c-section is an easier route, with weeks of muscle weakness following the birth, but having never actually witnessed birth, watching my niece was indeed an amazing experience for me.

I feel grateful to have an opportunity to be a part of her daily life since she and her parents live with us. Being greeted each morning by her smiley voice brings joy to my heart. Watching her grow and explore is a bit of revitalization since I never got to witness these natural milestones in the littlest due to his medical issues. Knowing how precious these moments really are, it makes me cherish them even more with her.

In life, we are often given precious few opportunities to directly impact the lives of others and, as a teacher, I feel that I have been given this opportunity in many ways, but it is extra special having the opportunity to see and witness the growth of a child from the actual beginning. I am lucky to have this opportunity and be entrusted with her sweet heart...lucky indeed.


  1. Got the year book from RCMS today--saw Javad's picture. Praying for him and your family. Hoping for rest and encouragement for you all this summer.


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