The end of a year and now, the next beginning

This has been a crazy year...A year that has been both awesome and insane.

When I started this year I was excited for the new challenge...I was essentially starting multiple "news." I had moved to the High School, was starting at the Community College, going back to some of my "old" students. I was excited for the new beginning. It didn't start on the greatest of notes...I irritated my BFF with my selfish insensitivities, I riled against change, while also cherishing the newness of my new job. It was a beautiful disaster.

This year will forever be known as the Year of the Car Accident, the Year of Javad's "Episode," the year my world was simultaneously turned upside down and come full circle. I have become a better teacher, better person, better mentor. I am more self-aware, more driven, more focused.

I am ready for a new and better year. It starts with the restructuring of my curriculum, the focus being writing in math. My teaching schedule is different this year...Algebra 1, Access (9th grade bootcamp), and Accelerated Geometry. It will be all freshman, all the time. I am ready to take on this task...moving things forward for our freshman, being part of a team that is building success for all students.

This is a year of building, getting stronger, being better...I am ready. Let the challenge start now!


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