Seniors last day...another step in their journey...

Today was the Reynolds High School Class of 2015's last day of school. This group of students is a special one to me. When these students were in the 7th grade, Reynolds had a massive layoff which left our middle school short almost one-fourth of our staff. As a result, many teachers taught multiple preps (the number of different subject/classes they teach) and teams of teachers that shared common students was lost. The following year I had the opportunity to loop up with this group, meaning that I had quite a few of them for a second consecutive year. It was also the year that I took very capable AVID students into Algebra 1.

That year became one of the most amazing years of my teaching career...I believe it was the beginning of the teacher I am still becoming. The addition of AVID students meant that some students needed extra support in Algebra 1, thus the idea of College Bound Math Club was born. We stayed once a week after school until 7:00 pm doing math, eating dinner together, and building a community that become so amazing that it built lasting friendships that I see today.

Many of these special students, the Class of 2015, helped me see the power of belief. I was able to give students a perspective about themselves, as successful students, successful learners and their success reminded me of the power I have as a teacher, the power to encourage. This year I had the opportunity to have a few of these students again, some as math students, others as teacher assistants. The relationship built years ago maintained, a common appreciation.

Today, as my seniors prepared to walk out the door, I take pride, knowing that I was a step along their journey. I hope that, in these years, I have helped them see themselves as capable learners and amazing human beings. I had the privilege of attending AVID senior night and was thanked, by name, by three of those College Bound Math Club learners. My heart soared with their compliments, but more than that, my heart soared knowing that I was a stepping stone along their journey.

Today was the Class of 2015's last day of their high school career, but it is just one day along their academic career. These students are destined for greatness, each and every one. I am grateful that I have experienced the glory of being a part of their lives...they have taught me so much about teaching and about being a teacher. Someday they will look back on this day and not look at it as an ending, but rather a beginning of this next amazing step of their absolutely amazing lives!


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