Waves and Smiles...

I haven't written in a few days...my recovery from the amazing weekend has been a bit overwhelming...in a most excellent way! The weekend was fabulous. It was deep, emotional, funny, heartwarming, educational and much more! Worth every piece of emotional exhaustion!

Yesterday I didn't return for work. Javad had his first post-hospital doctor visit. It had been quite the ordeal to set up. First of all, he is not back into his chair yet, so we had to use medical transport to get to the appointment, then we needed a gurney at the appointment since we were going to be at the hospital for almost 6 hours. You would have thought we were asking to build a gurney with the complications that arose, but ultimately, the fabulous people that care for Javad, made it happen. We went to the appt, hung out on a gurney and then returned by transport.

Javad had two big appointments yesterday...the first was an EEG to see how his brain is working and second he went to see the neurologist, who would then be armed with information from the EEG. So we got him into the EEG and after sticking all the probes to his head, they videotaped him while reading the brain waves. He watched a movie throughout the entire movie (which I can't remember what it was) but was unable to follow some commands yet. He is still working on both gross and fine motor skills.

We had lunch in the Atrium and saw some friends from Randall while we waited for his appt with Dr. Huffman, then neurologist. We managed to get his gurney into the doctor's office (which they now know they can do! :) and had our chat. Good news...Javad's brain waves look better...he is still having some spikes but overall better than before and he will remain on the medication dosage he is on now. Although I don't think that she was overly impressed with his physical improvements, we are and continue to hold him in a place of healing. She wasn't doing backflips, but did agree that we are on Javad's time...which is exactly why she is our neurologist!

Overall we are pleased. I think about a song that we heard this weekend, "Why have you come to this Earth?...to Love, Serve and Remember..." When I think about the littlest, I know that his journey here on Earth is not done...he is here to teach and love...and give smiles...lots and lots of smiles!


  1. So very glad to hear the news. I am thrilled that he is on Javed time. That is the only time for him. Please continue to know that there are many of us out here pulling for you and your sweet family. Sending love and healing energy.


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