Upon looking back at my posts the last few days, I notice that I am painfully out of alphabetical order...

I am participating in the #AtoZChallenge, which helped me get back into the blogging mode. Ironically I went from U to V and back to U. I guess this is a tribute to how tired I am...Friday I couldn't do math (a bit rough for a math teacher) and, clearly, couldn't figure out the alphabet. It makes one truly appreciate how much exhaustion can impact the mind/body/spirit!

Tonight I went to prom...I'm telling you, although they were better than at some dances, I still can't unsee the grinding and icky dancing that happens. I am not trying to sound like an old lady, but it is pretty wild. To call it dancing is a bit of a misnomer although there were some who really rocked it out! Some of these young couples impressed me with their stellar behavior and respect for one another.

With all of this, today was a day of smiles from the littlest. He was happy and smiley. it was amazing. Each and every day we are seeing improvements. It has been incredible to watch him take these tiny steps forward. If I can remember it, only two weeks has passed...he will continue to improve. Each and every day will bring smiles and, soon, I hope to start hearing growls...My sweet boy never ceases to amaze me...brings me hope and wonderment...I am blessed indeed.


  1. Shannon you are an amazing human being! So Happy to hear Javad is improving! I always send healing and positive thoughts your way!

  2. Love hearing of the improvements! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.


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