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Sometimes at night I am so tired that the words I want to write just won't come. Last night was one of those nights...I stared at the screen and finally decided that I needed to honor my exhaustion and go to sleep. Although life is a bit crazy, I am trying to ride it through and make things happen. I have a lot on my plate...I need to work on saying no, but, I'm not going to lie, I love my job and my students...even the ones that are on my last nerve...

Since "the event" it has been strange. Our life is different, our boy is different...we have nurses all the time (okay...most of the time). One thing that hasn't changed, or maybe has even improved, is the virtual love I am feeling from those around me. One might think that Facebook is a place of cold and barren thoughts, but for me it has become my lifeline of love. People from around the world, some I know, some I don't, have surrounded Javad (and, in turn, our entire family) with a virtual love that is encompassing.

There are days where I struggle...I know that it is true for my husband as well, although he wouldn't tell you so, and on those days, the people who read this blog, like it on Facebook, leave kind words as comments, and the like are sustaining us. Text messages, phone calls, thoughts sent through the clouds. These settle upon us like a blanket, warm and comfortable.

Things are improving...small, tiny movements that, at times, feel like the flutter of a hand or a small turn of the head. Eyes tracking, mischievous smiles make our hearts soar. Questions of how Javad is improving bring an opportunity to tell about the small things, although I realize that to the questioner the improvements seem very tiny.

We are in a world of microscopic improvements. Meager morsels given to improve our spirit. We lap it up ravenously knowing that each tiny bite, each improvement, is a step in the direction of our boy. You walk alongside us...reveling in our joy and sharing our sorrow...we feel your spirit...know you are there. Thank you for continuing to send your virtual love.


  1. Praying for you all. Strength, courage and hope


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