Otters revisited...I just want to hold your hand.

Almost two years ago I wrote a blog about the amazingness of otters. With everything going on in my life that blog post has come to mind...well, not to mention that I look at a pair of otters on my desk every day that was lovingly given to me by my friend, Julie.

The characteristic that I love the most about otters is the idea that they tether each other to the rocks during the night. They keep one another from floating into the ocean. Each day I feel as if I am floating away. The balance of my life has been thrown off kilter. I am a busy woman...I teach during the day at the high school and at night at the community college. I help run an after school program for homework help. I am taking a class. Along side this, I am trying to manage things at home.

Some may say that this schedule is ridiculous...I know it is, but it is also where I thrive. Now my head isn't really in the game. As I mentioned before, my head feels like it is floating above my body. When I am trying to think, it is like all the neurons aren't connecting. I know this is a stress response, but it is annoying none-the-less.

As I am floating through this new life, there has been such an incredible outpouring of support that, at times, it is almost overwhelming. Messages from friends near and far, sending their #giraffestrong thoughts to our sweetest boy. Thoughts that will hold him up from all corners of the earth.

These outstretched hands, the otters in my life, are keeping me from grounded, keeping me from floating out to "sea." I am grateful beyond belief. I can't remember a time in the recent (and not  distant past) when I have felt this way. We all need this sometimes...hands to be held, keeping afloat. We need the rat of the otter...holding tightly, keeping us safe from harm.


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