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Each night when I go on to write, I check the number of people that visited my blog during the day. I must admit that I am often surprised, and yet flattered, by the number of people that visit and read about our journey with the sweetest boy. Each of you reading these words is making a difference in my life...each and every day.

I was raised to be a strong woman...sometimes it was trial by fire by a woman who didn't realize that her negative actions could have a positive outcome for her children. Frankly, she just didn't think of anything much beyond herself. I believe that her craziness helped prepare me for the current craziness in my world. It gave me a foundation for handling things. Times when I thought that I couldn't go farther forward, I managed. This was one of my mother's gifts...resilience.  A gift you don't really want and yet are happy to have received.

Each of you have become a brick that is part of the foundation that holds our world up. The feelings of love and caring that I feel surrounded with is incredible. Yes, I am exhausted, yes, people don't really know what to say...yes, the world is totally overwhelming, but that's ok.

Each of you is a part of my village. You help me teach children who need it and help me lay a foundation to young people that I hope to expand and grow. You support me through this journey and help me recognize that we each mush navigate through the frightening waters in  a way that brings us peace and understanding. You have become part of my rock.

I work each day to make a difference in the lives of those who I have contact with...this difference moves me and propels me forward. I knew that this journey wasn't going to be an easy one...but overall, I am confident that it will be worth it.


  1. It is so worth it and so are you!!! Thank you for being an example of strength and courage and kindness. Much love to your family and will continue to send healing energy your way.


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