Today was a day about building community.

Today Reynolds celebrated its first Hijab Day. It was a glorious event where young Muslim women were allowed to share about wearing the scarf. It was an opportunity for all students to "see" that wearing the scarf does not change you, but rather may enhance you. Over 100 female staff and students participated in this amazing event.

Students that I work with after school, young women from Somalia, Kenya...young women who wear the scarf every day were thrilled to adorn my head with one of their beauties. They carefully wrapped head after head with joy of their face. Photos were taken and joy was spread. When the boys saw me...Somali, Arabic, Persian boys...their eyes lit up, "Mrs. Mashinchi, you are beautiful...can I take a picture?" It was both enlightening and uplifting. I believe that, for some of these boys, they saw me, and some of their other women teachers, for the first time. It felt amazing...

Community was built at Reynolds...students seeing one another from a different light, students honoring one another. I am proud to be a part of this community.

Community was also built in my classroom...we celebrated Pi Day, even though it's April. By the end of the day, I decided it was the 3rd day of the month and the 1st Friday of the 4th month. own Pi day. I brought Pie for them all...we watched some stuff but mostly we bonded...reconnected with each other after my long absence.

Today I actually felt complete for the first time in a long time...Community? It can do that to you!


  1. Beautiful, Shannon. I wish my kids had teachers like you! Community is something you build by being a part of, and it can uplift us when we need it, too. Glad I found you through the A to Z challenge.

    - Eli @ Coach Daddy (#1297)


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