Baby Steps...

Baby Steps...we often say this somewhat flippantly when talking about difficult issues or difficult times.

"I'm taking baby steps," we say to another while tying to navigate through the situation.

Right now my life epitomizes the concept of baby steps. I am taking them in both my personal and professional life.

As a teacher, I am slowly trying to make improvements to improve my craft. This has been a year of craziness in my personal life that has totally impacted my professional life. In the fall it was a car accident which shook me to the core, impacted my ability to think. It changed my body and mind.

 I still have memory issues, headaches which focus out of my scar, and my tremor is worse. This doesn't include the jumpiness I feel when I drive and don't get me started about when others drive.

Now I am dealing with the latest event in our (sometimes) crazy life. The events of March 16 will forever shake our foundation. With every day that goes by, we are taking the tiniest of steps, marching toward our goal. Each moment, an even smaller step than the minute, hour, day before.

My life is filled with baby steps...each movement inching forward toward our goal. Luckily, we are not walking this road alone. There is an army of feet walking baby steps together.


  1. Take care of yourself. You are at a good age for your body to repair itself. I know you have much on you. I am saying a prayer for you now.


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