In one's life you speak to many audiences...lately, in mine, I feel like the number of audiences is increasing...medical professionals, high school students, adult college students, co-workers, family. It is easy to see why the feelings of being spread out might be present and yet, each of these audiences are massively important to my life.

Talking to medical professionals with clarity and calm is crucial when discussing the littlest boy and his current medical situation. I need to be able to keep my head clear and my words crisp so that I can convey the ideas that I desire and not stumble during a time when it is so critical.

Today this conversation included our desire to take our boy home and to address the latest information from his EEG. A decrease in seizure activity means that the possibility of going home is increasing. The ability to share our desires for our son while also expressing the understanding that we know that our journey is long is key. Each movement that we are seeing is a sign that we are, ever so slowly, moving in the right direction. We are ready for the challenge and are channeling as much patience and endurance as we can.

My life as a teacher is the largest arena where I address an audience. Students who are open to gain information, students who desire to think deeply and have their minds expanded. Being a student in my life might mean that you might be a teenager or, this year, you may be an adult with the desire to expand knowledge and challenge their mind. Either way I am deeply committed to teaching you and pushing you to reach beyond what you may believe is possible.

Each of us has many audiences that we speak to throughout of lives...some we impact deeply, some deeply impact us...regardless...we must be prepared.


  1. This helped me more than you will know. Everyone faces things that they need to be prepared for and it is part of life. I wish for you many more years with your precious son and family. We are all lucky to be part of your audience.


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